The key role of dogs in the US military

Soldiers in the US military are those people who fight for your nation or country against the terrorist. These soldiers are not alone; they have their dogs along with them in the fight. There are different types of dogs present in the US military, not even in the US army but also ion the Indian army. Dogs play an important role in fighting different dangerous terrorists and also help the army to catch them. Various tasks are specially assigned for the dogs.

Tasks that are being performed by the soldiers, the same are also assigned to the dogs but in different ways. The dogs that are present in the army have different skills abs abilities as compared to normal dogs. There are some special breeds which are chosen for army purpose. Army dogs are well mannered and very intelligent as they understand all the tasks very easily and comfortably.

Various roles are being performed by US military dogs with multiple weapons or types of equipment. Military soldiers are responsible for taking proper care of the military dogs for their best performance. Here are some incredible roles that are performed by the dogs at the time of ay war.

Gun Pulling:  Gun pulling task is not used in today’s war, but it was mostly used by Belgium people to fight against the terrorist. Dogs are very helpful in pulling the cart and shoot the villains and kill them. In wars, dogs are very helpful in different tasks to get more help as these dogs are the soldiers of the army along with the human soldiers. Gun pulling is not an easy task because there are different types of guns available with various weights. Dogs have to face many difficulties, and sometimes they have to put their life on the stake. Dogs are given separate training on how to handle the gun and how to move by holding it.

Attack: The most important role of a dog in the US military is to attack the opposition party at the right time. Dogs should learn all the necessary moves that are being used at the time of the fight with proper skills. They need to know all the timings at which they have to attack and when they need to hide. Attack dogs are mostly used by police officers to catch more criminals in dangerous situations. Dogs can help you to suspect all the clues by smelling it as they have a good smelling sense. The most famous breed for the attack is German shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweiler, and many others, which are heavy in size and looks very dangerous.

Red Cross: Some special dogs are used for this Red Cross role, and they are known as Ambulance or Mercy dogs. These dogs are mostly used in World War I; these are used to find the wounded soldiers and help to get help for them. Soldiers who are injured are trained to get back to the area where the helping team is waiting for them. These dogs play a significant role in getting their soldier partners to help with proper safety. It is difficult to find the soldiers who got confused in the areas then these dogs help to find them with their smelling sense. At the time of war, it is essential to find the wounded soldiers to first-aid them, and these dogs are proven very beneficial in that task.

Anti-Tank: Various soldiers need different dogs for their tasks to get done with proper safety and comfortability. These anti-tank dogs are very helpful in World War II, as they help to find the hidden devices which are dangerous for the soldiers. Dogs can smell the devices and help you to find the danger zone and can alert you by barking over that area. Once the dog gets fully confirmed about the danger zone, then they let you know about it. Dogs are very helpful in finding those areas where soldiers and dogs themselves are unsafe. Anti-tank dogs have such a good smelling sense, which is very beneficial for the soldiers at the time of any war.

Wrap It Up

All the points mentioned above are some of the incredible roles that are being performed by US military soldiers. In a military, dogs are very important to catch various danger zones and criminals to remain safe. Dogs in the military are very clean and safe to get touched as they are properly washed with hygiene shampoos.

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