Word About US Navy

Persons qualified in trigonometry, physics and electricity, which have a high degree of mechanical and electrical aptitude and who are able to pass their physical and swim, can get the job of aviation, anti-submarine warfare operator in the US navy. They would need Navy to perform general flight crew duties, operate ASW sensor systems and perform diagnostic functions to isolate faults and optimize system performance.

Officers’ jobs in the US military aviation occupations are offered not just by the US airforce and the navy but also by the U. S. Army, the United States Marines and the United States Coast Guard. Each branch of the military has pilots for a variety of aircraft, from the top of the line Stealth Bombers to small planes. Pilots are officers who are designated by skills or qualifications of the type of aircraft they fly (example, B1 B Pilot). Pilots operate weapons, deliver troops, cargo, and bombs, and perform search and rescue missions. These personnel can get civil jobs because of their training and experience after they quit the services.

You need 20-20 vision capability to become a U. S. Air Force pilot or a pilot with any of the other services. There are jobs as officers available for helicopter pilots, navigators, air traffic control managers. These are also offered by the US airforce, the United States Marines, the United States Coast Guard, the army and the navy.

The U. S. Army and the Marine Corps offer the job of infantry officer. The infantry which is central to the military are trained to counter ground forces, operate and fire a range of weaponry, conduct patrol missions and also to parachute-jump. These positions are at this time restricted to male members. The positions of tank officers are also offered by the army and marines. These persons are required to command and drive state-of-the-art tanks in combat; operate weapons systems; support and defend ground infantry troops.

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