US Army In General

For a lot of young people looking for jobs, information about their various options is of crucial importance. An individual wishing to join the U. S. Army for instance would want to know how to get into one of military academies; say the army job school of Advanced Individual Training. The institutions that train and prepare armed forces personnel are: The United States Military Academy (West Point), the United States Air Force Academy, the United States Naval Academy, and the United States Coast Guard Academy.

The Military Academy which provides free tuition, boarding and lodging as well as free resources such as books etc., trains and provides personnel for the U. S. Army. Each of these academies is very selective and there are very stringent procedures for admission. After completing the training, young people know that their jobs are pretty much guaranteed.

A frequently asked question is how is, how the United States Marines corps different from the other military branches, such as, say the U. S. Army. The Marine Corps is the only branch of the armed services specifically organized with air, land, and sea-based expeditionary fighting capabilities. The marines are often referred to as ‘the tip of the spear’. In other words the United States Marines are the most multifaceted of the military branches, more so than, say, the United States Coast Guard, which is also a military wing, a fact that viewers of Baywatch generally miss.

The US Airforce Academy is a premier educational institution of the country which offers courses in as many as 25 disciplines ranging from basic sciences and engineering sciences to social sciences and the humanities. The U. S. Air Force Academy produces Rhodes scholars and many other scholarship recipients from its graduating classes. Since the academy is militarily oriented, the US Airforce Academy courses stress on physical fitness and provides facilities such as the field house, gym, playing fields, golf courses as well as tennis courts to name a few. The U. S. Air Force Academy also stresses on promoting leadership qualities by providing a competitive environment for the students.

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