US Air Force

A student choosing a career may be swayed by the possibility of a scholarship or a tuition assistance allowance. The US department of defense has a tuition assistance policy which pays for the cost of off-duty courses; officials of the U. S. Air Force have been quoted as saying. The chief of air force voluntary education branch of the Pentagon has been reported as saying that the policy pays for tuition costs and mandatory fees for up to a maximum of $250 per semester hour, or $750 per three-hour course. The policy however has a $4,500 tuition assistance ceiling a year. The US airforce provides that so long as the total cost of the course falls under the authorized total, the student doesn’t have to pay any money out of his or her pocket.

The various jobs for enlistment in the U. S. Air Force if you are a high school diploma holder include the following: mechanical jobs, involving the maintenance and up keep of aircraft and other aviation related equipment, administrative jobs involving the running of airbases, general jobs involving computers, linguistics, security and several other things and electronics careers involving spacecraft wiring, missiles, air traffic control, RADAR etc. The job options for officers in the U. S. airforce are also many, with flight careers ranging form navigation to flying fighter aircraft, non-technical careers for managers, administrators etc., specialty careers in fields as varied as law, religious aid and accounting and then there are the technical careers where scientists, engineers find a place.

The U. S. Air Force has reserves who are eligible for a variety of education and enlistment benefits and healthcare professionals. Persons with prior military experience could qualify for special benefits, such as traveling the globe, getting an education and other perquisites. A job in the U. S. airforce also has insurance and medical benefits, reemployment rights and special allowances, to name just a few incentives.

The U. S. Army, as well as the other branches of the military including the US airforce offers the reserve officer training corps which trains qualified young men and women after graduation from college. This however does not apply to the United States Coast Guard and United States Marines, which at this time does not offer the reserve officer training corps. The U. S. Army as well as the United States Coast Guard does however give opportunities of tuition assistance.

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