United States Marines

Like the U. S. Army, enlisted jobs offered by the United States Marines are also divided into various different divisions, called the “Military Occupational Specialties”. The different occupational fields are personnel and administration, intelligence, infantry, logistics, command and control systems, field artillery, utilities, ordnance, operational communications, food service, data systems, public affairs and music, to name just a few of these many interesting occupational fields. This is to give an idea the variety of jobs offered by the military.

If you decide that this career path is for you, the US airforce would find that entry into the academy is difficult but rewarding. There are around 11,000 applicants for US airforce who attempt admission into the U. S. Air Force academy. However only 1/10 of applicants made it all the way to Airforce. Whereas the aspiring air force candidates train at the U. S. Air Force academy, training of United States Marines is carried out at the two Marine Corps Recruit Depots at Parris Island, S. C., and at San Diego CA. There is also something called Reserve Officer Training Corps program where young soldiers can train to become officers.

Founded in 1876 United States Coast Guard Academy is the smallest of the service academies. It provides a 4 year B Sc program with the possibility of a full scholarship. The mission of the academy is to produce young people with an affinity for the sea and a desire to serve country and mankind. The program offered by the coast guard academy is challenging academically, physically and professionally. Having an ordered military regime, the academy offers good academic curriculum and also encourages competitive athletics. Primary objectives of the academy to promote a sense of honor, loyalty and obedience, to provide sound education to the coast guard, to promote leadership development and to enable assumption of duties as officers afloat. The first seven weeks of training are known as Swab Summer. This is a blend of physical, military, and leadership training. The last week is spent sailing aboard America’s active duty square rigger, Barque Eagle, America’s Tall Ship.

Upon graduation each graduate is required to serve a minimum of five years of active duty. Admission to the United States Coast Guard Academy is achieved on the basis of a countrywide competition. About 5500 applicants make a bid for entry into the academy every year, but only around 265 of them get selected. At any given time there are 850 cadets 30% of which consist of women and 20% of which consist of minorities. The cadets also include international students representing various countries.

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